What Will You Learn? 

Unpack and Understand Your Debt: Learn to analyze your debts, understanding the 'why' behind each one, and create a clear picture of your current financial situation

Find extra money and make each dollar work harder for you so you can accelerate your debt payoff efforts.

Discover the power of the Snowball, Avalanche, Blizzard, Lasso, and MORE! Learn how to choose which debt payoff strategy is right for you.

Gain the confidence to effectively negotiate with creditors and collection agencies, potentially saving $1000s of dollars,reducing payments or interest rates, and more!

Develop key strategies to stay motivated in your debt repayment journey and maintain your newfound financial freedom.

Uncover personal spending triggers and learn practical methods to manage them, developing healthier financial habits

Learn How to Create Your Custom Debt Payoff Plan

Get hands-on experience in prioritizing your debts and customizing a plan that works best for you!

And as always, I don't just deliver - I OVER-deliver. 

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